Top 10 Of 2008: Carrie Bradshaw, Cute Animals, & Creeps

It's that time: The Jezebel Top 10 of 2008 list. Inside: Celebs, Photoshop, Obama, Real Housewives, dating, Sex and the City, fashion, breastfeeding, and animals. Sounds good to us! The full list, after the jump. » 12/31/08 3:00pm 12/31/08 3:00pm

Teen Sex: Conservative Values Aren't Always Constructive

Bernadine Healy, M.D. of US News' Heart-to-Heart blog sounds off on what the media has "missed" in regards to the study that showed that virginity pledges are ineffective. However, Dr. Healy misses some points herself. » 12/30/08 5:00pm 12/30/08 5:00pm